The foundation’s establishment and history
The Tokai Foundation for Gender Studies was established in 1997 as the sole incorporated foundation of the Gender Equality Bureau of the Prime Minister’s Office (currently Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office) after its founding was approved by the Prime Minister. The roots of the foundation go back to the Modern Feminism Society, which was founded by female Nagoya-based researchers in the late 1980s in response to women’s issues raised by the 1979 UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (ratified by Japan in 1985).
Due to reform of the public interest corporation system, the foundation,in a bid to advance research on gender equality based on its track record, transitioned into a public interest corporation with the Prime Minister’s approval in April 2012 and has continued in this form to the present day.

1995・Started preparing for the establishment of a foundation for research by and for women
1997・Established the Tokai Foundation for Gender Studies as an incorporated foundation (June)
・Held an international forum and symposium commemorating the foundation’s establishment
・Began publishing our newsletter, LIBRA (ongoing)
・Began promoting research of individual and group research (ongoing)
・Launched 3 project studies
1998・Began publishing our annual journal, Gender Kenkyu(Gender Studies)(ongoing)
2007・Held a lecture meeting and international symposium commemorating the 10th anniversary of
the establishment of the foundation
2010・Issued a collection of essays commemorating the 10th anniversary, Gender Studies
Becoming Borderless

2012・Transitioned into a public interest corporation (April)
・Launched “Project Society”
2016・Published Reference Book regarding Joint Nursery Promotion in Nagoya from the 1960s to

2017・Held an international lecture meeting commemorating the 20th anniversary of the establishment
of the foundation, “Women, Feminism, and Gender Studies in America
・Established the Nagoya University Gender Research Library (GRL; November)
2019・Awarded the Japan Society of Research on Early Childhood Care and Education Hoikugaku
Bunken Awards for the aforementioned Reference Book

Activities of the Tokai Foundation for Gender Studies
The foundation, through engagement in researching gender issues, development of young researchers, and raising and spreading gender equality awareness, conducts the following activities in order to help realize a gender-equal society in which people can live as equal members, regardless of gender:

1. Research and projects on gender issues
〇We encourage researchers interested in gender issues, make research proposals and organize
research projects, conduct research, and publish research results, in order to contribute to solving
the basic problems that need to be resolved to build a gender-equal society,

2. Grants for research on gender issues
〇For young researchers, we call for research proposals that can help build a  gender-equal society and
offer research grants to them after selection(individual research grants).
〇We call for research proposals of groups or organizations interested in gender issues and offer
research grants to them after selection (group research grants).

3. Collection of materials and literature regarding gender issues and provision of information about them
〇Collection of books and the journals of gender issues-related societies to make them accessible
〇Collection of materials

4. Hosting of seminars, symposiums, and lecture meetings related with gender-issues
〇Hosting of seminars, symposiums, lecture meetings, and meetings for supporting members
(public),etc., to promote gender issue awareness-raising activities

5. Issuance of an annual journal and newsletters
〇Issuance of Gender Kenkyu (Gender Studies), an annual journal containing papers on gender issues
and the research reports of grant recipients (1 issue per year)
〇Issuance of LIBRA*, a newsletter containing information about gender issues, the activities plan of the
foundation, and project reports (roughly 3 issues per year)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Annual journal, Gender Kenkyu (Gender Studies)

6. Support of the Nagoya University Gender Research Library (GRL)
〇Nagoya University and the Tokai Foundation for Gender Studies co-founded the Nagoya
University Gender Research Library on the Nagoya University campus in 2017. In addition to donating
books, magazines, and archives, we continue to provide financial support.

7.Other activities Conduct of other activities needed to achieve the foundation’s goals                                                                                                   
〇Lending of seminar room
〇Co-sponsoring and sponsoring of gender issue projects           

*What does LIBRA mean?

The name of our newsletter, LIBRA, is a Latin word meaning balance. This name was chosen because it fits with the foundation’s goal of functioning as a point of support for widely promoting a gender-equal society.

For the realization of equal rights

The Tokai Foundation for Gender Studies

During the French Revolution, Olympe de Gouges wrote that a woman has the right to mount the scaffold, so she should have the right equally to mount the rostrum. She added that the taxation of a woman and man is equal and that a woman has the right to an equal share of employment, dignities, and offices.
Over two hundred years have passed since then, and Gouges’s demands have become common ground for women throughout the world.
To further promote this achievement, the Tokai Foundation for Gender Studies was established as an incorporated foundation and has served as a public interest corporation since April 2012.
We welcome people seeking to realize gender equality and human rights and commit to exploring and proposing tangible approaches to these issues.

                                                            THE  TOKAI   FOUNDATION
                  FOR GENDER  STUDIES
                 The T in our logo symbolizes
                    men and women
                 supporting a thriving society.

About supporting members

We have implemented an individual supporting member system. Members receive the following privileges (1 to 4):
①Our annual journal, Gender Studies
②Our newsletter, LIBRA
③Notices regarding seminars and lecture meetings hosted by the foundation
④Other notices (about meetings for supporting members, etc.)
*The foundation is certified as a public interest corporation, and membership fees and donations
receive  preferential tax treatment (Payment of membership fee)
Membership fee /1000 yen per person per year
More contribution (a multiple of 1000 yen) will be welcome.
Postal transfer account / Account holder: The Tokai Foundation for Gender Studies
Account number: 00820-0-77338
*For more details, please contact us.

Access                                                             5-min-walk from Kanayama Station

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Nagoya 460-0022, Japan
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